Your smile, your heart, and goodnight

Here’s some shit I wrote.





#???-goodnight :/

I don’t need to tell you

why I love you,

just know that I do,

and I can be a dick

but I’m better

then he is,

and your better

then me is

but I just gotta know

what is it I gotta do

to make you loose sleep

over me too.

I just wanna lay

right next to you,

but your laying next to him

and you don’t care,


I’m aware,

staring at a lake of whisky,

and I’m going to dive in,


look at the time……



#???-your underwear.

Your underwear

wasn’t really

what I was trying

to see through.

I don’t


underwear hides

too much;

It’s just some parts


all seen



don’t get me wrong,

seeing you

without your


would surely be

a blessing.

I imagine

if I were ever

in a situation

that I were

seeing you

without your underwear,

it would mean



for me.


your underwear,

and what was

underneath it,

isn’t what I was

interested in.

It was more so

what was underneath

your skin,

inside your skull ,

the stuff you were really

made of;

that’s the stuff

I really wanted

to see.


#???-your smile.

You looked at me and said

“I love your smile”

So I said back

that I loved yours,

and your smile got real big,

and all of a sudden

I could feel my heart


and I wanted to feel

yours too,

and I said

“I think maybe I’m in love with you”

and you frowned

and looked down

and said

“I’m sorry,

I can’t love you.”

And our eyes met,

and even though

I knew that you meant it,

I still loved you,

so I smiled,

and said

“its ok,

you don’t have to love me,

but I still love you

and your smile.”

And you smiled,

and I loved you,

and I didn’t want to love you,

and it wasn’t ok,

cause I wanted you to love


and you didn’t,

but instead of walking away,

I just kept smiling

and loving



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