One poem about Yugen

I recently got the Japanese symbol for Yugen tattooed on my hand, and I imagine I’m going to have plenty of explaining to do. Yugen doesn’t have an exact english translation, and depending on its context can mean a lot of different things. Anyways, this is a poem attempting to explaining what Yugen means to me.


#???-Im going to take many attempts at writing a poem about Yugen

Yugen is

when I read poetry

or write poetry

or listen to music.

It’s going on a hike

and noticing all of the flowers

and trees and bushes

and the life!

It’s gazing up

at the stars

or jumping into cold water.

Yugen is reverence

for everything that reminds you

that you exist.

It’s the beauty of hurting,

of pain,

of change.

Yugen is a profound understanding

of the universe

and it’s

every little thing

that keeps you



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