Chickens, gravy, and thinking.

I think I’m going to try to avoid doing another post after this one. It’s time to start putting together a poetry book and focusing on that, not stupid blog posts.

Anyways, enjoy!


#???-choking the chicken

I’ve been


that damn chicken

every day,

and he just keeps

coming back

for more,

and I get it,

I really do,

I understand.

He’s just lonely,

He just wants some love.

Poor chicken,

he’s been homeless

for years.

He just wants

a hole

to put himself in,


I choke him


he says it

makes him

feel better.


#???-Ok, gravy

They ask me

how I feel,

and I say,


it’s all


but the thing is,

the gravy isn’t even

all that good,



it doesn’t have to be

great gravy,

just as long

as it’s

fuckin gravy,

you know what I mean?


#???-We think too much

I’ve been thinking

too much lately


what you think

about me,



too much lately

about how

I’m thinking

too much,

been thinking

so much lately

that maybe

we’re all

thinking too much.


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