The badlander

I wrote this really late while I was drunk so I really don’t give a fuuuuuck about my grammatical errors. Enjoy!

#???- The Badlander

Was downtown,

place called “the badlander”.

It’s connected to

the Golden Rose,

and related to Savoy and

Three in the side (T.I.T.S).

None of that matters.


I’m there,

in the Badlander,

and I’m working at a beer.

I’m alone and I’m just kind of

standing there,

trying to be a fly on the wall.

I’m looking at all the people,

and there’s nothing that really

relates them other then being


I’m seeing flat-bill hats and dad hats

and camo and 40+ year olds

and people who don’t even look 21

and wranglers and dresses,



the point is,

there didn’t really seem to be a type

here at this bar.

Ok, so,

I’m looking at all of them,

and there all dancing,

or chatting with friends,

or calling out to people,

and no one seems to be

having this

“great time”

we’re all seeking,

and I wondered why

everyone was here in the first place,

and I realized,

they were all there for the same reason.

They just didn’t want to be lonely.

They just wanted

to escape


“being alone”



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