I’m definitely not a mumble rapper.

I’m finally getting some form of a writing grove going again. I’ve been putting the ol pen to paper a lot more often this month then I had the previous 3 months, or something like that. It feels good, and as a result of the work I’ve put in, I’d like to share a couple of my recent works with you. Remember folks, this is the only place you can find original M.S. Helmick poetry! For now….




#???-waking up

You ever wake up

half-past dead

workin off a drunk

with a hankering to

get shit on

just a little more.

Ever wake up

on a bed you’ve woken up on


wondering how many times you’ve woken up there,

and later in passing the river

you see escape from your familiar mattress

in the icy river waters.

Ever wake up

without a reflection,

hoping this’ll be the day the bank is robbed while your pulling out money

or the kitchen catches on fire with you in it.

Because dude,

me too.


#???-wolves kill people they love

What’s really scary

isn’t the government

or getting old

or the destruction of the earth.

Not homelessness.

Not getting fired from your 9-5 that barely gets you by,


thats not scary.

That stuff isn’t really scary.

That stuff doesn’t matter.

I think the only thing that really matters is


And love,


that’s scary stuff.

Get away from me with all that.

#????-I can change

I’m adaptable,


I float in water and

freeze in fire,

and I happen to only get


when it’s convenient,

and you never have to worry about my mood staying the same,

that’ll change like the tide.

I may not be very pretty,

but baby,

I can change.

I’m adaptable.

Fires, floods, tornados, no money, and long winters.

I can survive it all,

but it’s only worth it

if I’m surviving it

with you.



I got a lot of big stuff planned,

Big, big, big stuff to do.

That’s right, I’m talking


You’ll see,

I’m gonna do it.

I’m gonna do it all, and I’m gonna do it


And here’s the thing,

I’m not just gonna do it big

I’m gonna do it small, and in between, and upside down and sideways.

Yeah, I got a lot of

big stuff

to do,

you’ll see,

It’ll be to big

to miss.


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