No stuff, George.

Tough go of it right now. Not doing much of anything these days, writing especially. Heard a quote on The Office that hit right at home-“I’m not ok, and I don’t not want to talk about it.” Good ol double negative. Good stuff. Not 100% certain that quotes from the office, it’s just been rattling around my head for some days. Anyways, here’s a couple bits I scribbled into my notebook. Tell me what you think


No stuff George,

We don’t have any stuff today.

Not sure where the stuff is George, we gotta find it, George.

George, no stuff bud. We don’t have it, not today. We gotta wait for it George, wait for the stuff to come. When the stuff comes George, oh George, when it comes, the world will light up. But we don’t have it right now George.

No stuff,


We don’t have the stuff today,

Maybe tomorrow,




Sweet, sweet, somebody

Wake me up

From this


Set me right.

I don’t want the dreams anymore,

I want them in my hands.

I want to touch them, feel them, hold them, lick them,

fuck them….

And oh boy,

When the day comes,

I’m gonna strip naked and declare it to the world

“I won the fucking game!!!”

My tiny shriveled cock waving in the wind as police officers approach to detain me for public indecency…

Oh, sweet, sweet, somebody,

I’m not awake right now, and my dreams aren’t doing the trick anymore,

Won’t you please wake me up,

and set me on the right path


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