Forgive me if this is weird.

I’m lacking in new material, probably because of something like a lack of focus or motivation or something. Maybe I’ve just been spending too much time messing around on social media. Or maybe it’s because it’s football season. Not really sure. Either way, words aren’t hitting the page right now and I’m not going to force the issue. The words will come. For now, here’s a few throwbacks that also happen to be some of my personal favorites. Enjoy!!!!

#???-The Self

Self Medication

Self Deprication

and Self Love

All in the name of

The self

The self

and maybe

Someone Else


#???-Poor Boy, Selfish Bastard-

Reap what you have sowed my dear boy

own up to it

don’t let excuses own you

you knew what doing

would do

and you did

and you damn well didn’t bake that cake for yourself

did you?

You selfish bastard

You did.

Oh, you’ll go on

feeling this way


this is your reaping

for all the sorrows you’ve sowed

this is what your owed

take it

lap it up,

poor boy

You selfish bastard

all of this was always for you

wasn’t it?

i always thought you where doing it for yourself

your doing it to yourself

oh its alway about you

isn’t it

poor old me

sad old me

lonely old me

what about someone else?

poor boy

selfish bastard

you’ve thought yourself

an entire feast

of bad thoughts

and lonely jerk offs

you cried yourself into this corner

didn’t you

old boy

old pal

old you

poor you

you like this home you’ve dug for yourself?

this is your bed

you sleep in it

call yourself addicted to the pen

well its your hit

poor boy

come get your fix

put that pen to paper

so, you want to be a writer?

well, then

poor boy

old bastard

young man

reap what you have sowed

you sewed your sorrows up inside

and cried

you cried for someone

but when they finally came

they broke the stitches

and only caused more pain

oh, yes poor boy

your crying

it was all in vien

poor boy

selfish bastard

look now

the words

are overflowing

know when to end it

know when to end it

know when to end it

poor boy

selfish bastard

reap what you have sowed

know when to end it.


#???-Toughen up!!!

Nothing you say makes sense

What are you writing?

Shut up

Your complaining

I’ll give you something to complain about!

You don’t know anything about life

Your ignorant

Your small

And you’ll be back

To beg for more

Because you think

Your owed

Your owed nothing

You’ll earn

Every year you live

And love you love

And heartbreak

That breaks you

And you’ll earn

Your broken back

You gotta earn

Your battle scars

Battle scars don’t come from

Being a pansy

Having your ass wiped your whole life

Stiffen up!

Learn to deal with it

Be a man

Be a god damn


And stop writing

This fucking

Pansy bullshit

About your life being shit

Life’s ok

You just gotta

Learn to like it

It’s an acquired taste

Trust me

Give it time

You’ll like it


#???-The shore

As I watched that man leave

All I could do is think

And I thought

About how rotten I was


I was rotten to the core

Thought to myself

Might move over to the shore

I could


Rot on the shore


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