These were written on napkins in odd places

Hey, here’s some stuff that I wrote!


At some point
you may have envied me,
even wanted to be me,
or at least wondered
what it would be like,
you simply wanted me.
Your not missing much
and I’m nothing special,
and if there’s something you don’t want,
its too feel like me.
I’m a man half alive.


If a body is a temple,
my brains a drug den,
full of rot and brokenness,
devoid of life and true human connection.
The man living inside
spends his time searching frantically
for the drug that will cure him,
but drugs wont do it,
and he can never leave
because there is only one way
to leave a brain,
and its not alive.


Lets get a drink
and talk about the weather,
or whether or not you have a boyfriend.

Most of the time,
I’m mostly depressed.
I need to give self-loathing a rest,
but my mind is under arrest.
The thoughts in my brain,
they drive me insane,
they call me a lame,
but I know I’m alright,
and I know I’ll be liked,
as long as I can make it through tonight,
and maybe sometime
in the summertime,
I’ll be fine,
but until then its just bleeding out lines,
most of the time I’m mostly depressed,
I need to give self-loathing a rest,
but my mind is under arrest,
and some days, I find it hard to get dressed,
I guess you could say I’m a bit stressed,
always worried about what’s next,
I just want to be tucked into bed,
and they tell me its all in my head,
so I guess I’ll just be a cynic until the end,
good god,
I wish I was dead…….


Can you feel it?
That feeling like your in the exact right place,
with the exact right people,
like all of the gods,
and the universe, and karma,
and the sun
are all shining down on you?
Have you felt that?
If not,
then run,
run your whole life if you must,
run until you find that feeling,
or at least, something close.


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