Jibber-Jabber and Squick-Squack

Today was rough for me, and tonight was long. Heres a couple few poems though….

I was the happiest I’d ever been,
In an amazing place,
with amazing people.
Full pockets, full stomachs.
And whiskey, and a warm bed,
and rent paid for,
and just,
And thats mostly how I felt.
A complacent happiness.
But right now,
sitting and listening to
Bob Dylan,
and drinking on whiskey,
I felt a strange sadness.
One I didnt understand,
but I felt it nonetheless,
a feeling like
I’d never really belong.


I was getting it
Everyday, I had a little bit more
I wasnt always sure what to do with it,
how to use it,
but I had it.
I just kept getting
more and more,
a small bit here,
a small bit there.
I didnt even know I was getting it,
and I dont have too much of it yet,
but oh boy,
you better know,
Im going to keep on getting it


Jibber jaber
and squick squack
and mother-havers
and have-nots
and astronauts
and Big Lots
and feeling ship-shop,
most not,
barely afford flip-flops
or ramen pots.
spilt beer,
kinda weird,
whats next.


Live! Damn it!
See and breathe
and feel and fuck
By god!
Live until your dead!
Live, always strive to live,
do it until you cant,
and even after you cant!
You beautiful motherfucker!



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