I kinda love you, I kinda love everyone.

So, its been X months since I’ve posted a blog and decided I was due for one. This blog page is supposed to be dying but something keeps bringing me back. Just one poem in this post, written while trying to pass the time on my graveyard shift. Enjoy!

I love you!
I love you entirely!
Only you!
Are there other girls?
No! Of course not!
Only you!
Do I love you with my whole heart?
I’ll never love anyone else again!
Has there been loves before?
…Well, yes, I suppose so….
How many?
Well, lets see,
I guess I still think of the girl I dated in 3rd grade from time to time,
my first ever girlfriend. Does that count? Maybe not.
When I was a freshman there was this senior girl,
oh, and there was this other girl…
No, no, those two don’t really count.
But there was a girl I loved in high school that I think
may have been my first true love.
And after that there was this girl I lived with for some time,
and now,
there’s you.
So, 3, or 2, I guess?
Even still, they don’t matter because I love you now…
Do I still love them with some part of my heart?
Well….yeah…I mean, its only really love if you always love them right?
But forget about it, I love you with most of my heart!
Your the best love I’ve ever had!

……come to think of it….
I’ve thought that before….
2 or 3, or maybe even 4,5,6,
maybe even 7 times,
maybe I’ll think that about someone else
after you…
I don’t love you….

I Do love you,
but just, with only part of my heart.
A small part.
Yeah, I love everyone I’ve ever loved
or ever will love
with a small part
of my heart.
That’s right,
I love everyone,
but right now,
I love you most.


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