This Itch.

The itch is a metaphor. 10 points if you can figure out what the itch stands for and what scratching it would mean.

This Itch

Theres this
this itch
I want to scratch.
It isn’t always there,
but when it is,
all I can think about
is scratching it.
I think about
how easy it would be
to just
scratch it…
If I just scratched it,
there would be
no more pain,
no more wondering
when this itch
will go away.

I know
everyone would be disappointed
if I scratched it.
This itch.
This god damned itch.
I know if I do scratch this itch
I’ll never know what could have been.
This fucking itch.
I want to scratch it so bad,
somedays I think I might,
and I haven’t yet,
but I might.
I might scratch this itch,
I just might,
Im not sure how many more nights
I can go to bed
with this
and not scratch it.
I hope it goes away soon,
this itch.
This fucking itch


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