Wont you come with me?


Songs have always been one of my biggest inspirations in writing. I’ve never been a talented singer and I can’t play any instruments, but without music I would be dead. I think if I had to choose between music and literature, I would choose music. The thing is, music is literature. The lyrics tell a story, have a theme, preach a philosophy. Music reflects emotion. I suppose if I hope to gain anything from my writing, its that it can touch people the way music has touched me. Speaking of music and literature, the poem below is also inspired by music. Let me know if you can figure out the message in my poem…I dont think I’ve made it too hard to figure out. Also, let me know if you love it. Or hate it. Or can’t get enough of it. Let me know if it should be more or less. Let me know any damn thing you want. Speak your mind. I dont care much what you do, but whatever you do, READ THE POEM…please?

#????- Wont you come with me?

I can’t live in that city,
stuck with all my old friends,
sharing all my stories,
about who did what, when-
so, will you come with me?
We can catch the next train,
say goodbye forever,
we’ll think about a visit,
but we’ll never make it
back to that city,
with all those cornfields,
bonfires and late nights,
where we went to high school,
and we got in trouble,
they called us misfits,
but we where just restless,
looking for adventure
outside that city,
where my grandmother lived,
my mom was born there,
we know every family,
they call me brother
back in that city,
I may just die there
when Im good and ready
but I can’t return there,
so to all my old friends,
im so sorry,
but won’t you come with me?
go to some new town,
get told new stories,
and make new troubles,
we’ll miss the old days,
and all the back roads,
and all the same stores,
but with all that aside,
dont you know  we can’t stay there?
so wont you come with me?
Are you one of my kind?




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