Infinite Internal Chatter.

So, its been a while since I’ve posted anything. Truth is, I havent been writing as much, so there hasn’t been much for material to post. I’ve also been really busy with school, which is another excuse for not having posted. Anyways, the 4 poems where among a number that I sat down and wrote in a frenzy late a few nights ago. In my opinion, this is some of my better work and Im very excited to share it. I hope everyone enjoys!


The thoughts of my brain

portrayed fragility,

and impeded upon normality.

Wavering emotions

of a 20 year old,

chronically ill,

but not physically so.

Reaching for a bottle

not there,

at least,

not enough.

Ashes of chemically induced


falling at the tap of my fingertips,

rising through the air,

a certified cure

of smoke.

Haziness overcoming,

full moon setting,


and thoughts


and falling.

Things die,

just as surely as

I will.



A disgrace of spent time,

clubs that would accept me try,

and I refuse,

my mind erring

to fantasies

of success

and love

and woman


Unable to shake

infinite internal chatter

unnecessary complications,

paradoxical this

and that


The moon forges

through the night


every letter

a tick of the second hand,

disgraced time,


some things never change.



I’ve entered

the playground

yet again,


the boys and girls

don’t play the same



which is fine,

because I was

never any good at the

old games


The only problem is,

Im no good

at the new ones







clouding my mind


black and white



unable to capture


so far




hiding behind

unhid conversations


lacking the properties

to appropriately


what I envision,


It won’t be long now

tell you die,

poor boy



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