I still remember how it felt when I first got there. So unsure about it. Constantly in a state of nervousness, heart pounding at every turn. Everything was so new and so different then anything I’d ever experienced. It was as if I was in a whole different country. But even though I was scared, I felt good. It was nothing like the feeling I had when I started college, I felt so much happier with the decision to come out to West Glacier for the summer, so much more confident in the decision. Every time I shook a hand or had Continue reading “WGRulz2017”


High Heavens, and higher seas!

Stopped blogging for a bit. Stopped writing for a bit. My focus has been on living as of late. But every writer has to flex his writing muscles every now and again if he wants keep them working. So, heres a little something that I wrote last night in a frenzy of inspiration that lead to me writing seriously for the first time since I moved back to Missoula.

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Clickfarms in Bangledash

The poet in my head is very much alive, even if he doesn’t want to show it right now. I’ve lacked inspiration of late, but I decided tonight to go through an old wine tattered notebook of mine, one that I haven’t looked at in months. I found some stuff that I like. Little lines here and there that I enjoyed. So, I thought to myself, why not throw it all together in a blog post and call it the “psych101 series”. Oh, yeah, the wine tattered notebook was the same notebook I used for Intro to psych. So, um, below is the stuff I was talking about…
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